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Wenzhou Dream Garden Amusment Equipment Co.,Ltd
D&G stands head and shoulders above its competitors, thanks in large part to its dedicated and eclectic group of employees, all focused on building the world’s highest quality and most fun commercial playground equipment. The company’s Design and Engineering staff has a combined experience of more than 10 years in the commercial entertainment play business. From innovative concept development through prototype testing and market introduction, this experienced staff ensures a high quality and safe product that can be trusted. Company founders developed an alternative to traditional outdoor play structures, quickly outgrowing the garage and earning the trust of some of China’s famous brands. Today, we’re the global supplier in contained playground equipment with installations in more than 60 countries. Our expertise, experience and commitment to excellence mean that you can deliver a fun and positive experience to your patrons and their children. The only way we can distinguish ourselves from other competitors is our business model. The difference is that we treat employees, customers, suppliers and investors differently. If you communicate with your customers to make your customers have a more satisfying shopping experience, to treat suppliers ’investors more openly and more respectful to employees, you will be able to win everyone’s loyalty to you and they will unite in your Around you, you can get more trust, and trust can lead to better cooperation. When it comes to how to do it, keep in mind that there are huge differences in the market, as long as there are opportunities for differences. The types of human behavior are diverse and colorful. If we can seize this opportunity, we can not only defeat our opponents, but also reshape the competitive landscape. We are based on the people-oriented business philosophy, focusing on product quality, customer service as the center, and pursuing excellence and surpassing ourselves. Let us bring a lot of joy to the world with a firm conviction and create a fun playground for children.
Wenzhou, China
No. of Employees
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Main Markets
Southeast Asia, Europe, America, South Africa
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Indoor amusement park equipment
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Sales Manager
Longwan Industrial Zone, Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
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